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"My Great Dane Is Not A Pet My…" | Hoodie

"My Great Dane Is Not A Pet My…" | Hoodie

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How to teach my great dane not to jump up? | Yahoo Answers

My great dane is around a year old now. I bought her from a family who never took the time to socialize her or train her. I've taught her sit and stay.

My Great Dane puppy is not eating, barely drinking and has ...

i need help with my great dane puppy she is 5mouths old and she was fine three day a go but now she is not eating and not draking at all she has not gone to the bathroom in day.please help me thank yo … read more

My Dane Won't Eat - Feeding your Great Dane - Great Dane ...

I am not new to Danes just never had a dane that will not eat. My dane is a 9 month old bitch called Florence. She was always a bit picky as a small puppy but now this has got worse. I have taken her to the vet who could find nothing wrong except she thought she might be coming into season.

How to bulk up underweight Great Dane - Dog Community

She does look a thin, but not terribly.. you are right, giant breeds should be thin till they mature..As im sure you know, great danes are slow to mature..a lot not maturing till 3 years of age..they grow up first.. then out..My first great dane, Tank was always VERY thin, no matter how much i fed him he just didnt gain weight..then at almost 3 ...

My Great Dane Is Not A Pet My Great Dane Is Family