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"Giving Up Is Not An Option" | Posters 16x24 | SunFrog Shirts

"Giving Up Is Not An Option" | Posters 16x24 | SunFrog Shirts


Design Description:

Why Giving up Is Not an Option (And How to Stay Motivated)

People often say, the moment they almost decided to give up was the moment just before they had a breakthrough. While demotivation, failure and giving up feels horrible, there’s a reason for this; it’s because you’re giving up on something that deep down you know is possible .

#MotivationalMonday: Why Giving Up Is Not An Option ...

The words “Give” and “Up” should never be together. Also, the word NO shouldn’t even be in your dictionary. Being part of the human race you are one of the most resilient and strongest beings to have ever walked on the earth. There are a countless number of positives inside of you that you probably

The Purpose for the Pain: Giving Up Is Not an Option ...

Purpose for the Pain...Giving up is not an Option articulated not only the anguish and sorrow but more importantly the assurance of the Lord s love and presence in it. Through her courage and testimony, Sharon urges us all to walk through life s nevertheless seasons, moment by moment.

Giving Up Isn't An Option - The Odyssey Online

It's about not giving up, but in two different aspects: not giving up on others and ultimately, not giving up on yourself. I'm going to start this off a little backward; meaning, part one is about not giving up on others.

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